Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet The Vendors of Thee Wedding Warehouse!

We thought it would be fun for you to get the opportunity to learn a little bit about some of our fantastic Wedding Vendor Friends. Below is a little Q&A with Christopher Smith, co-owner (with his wife Jill Smith) of A2Z Photo Booth. This is one fun couple! Check out their website at, and let us set you up an appointment to meet with them for a custom quote for a photo-booth at your event today!!

1. How long have you been doing A2Z Photo Booth's at Events & Weddings?
3 years

2. Why did you decide to start this biz?
I was looking for something "new" to do and came up with this.

3. What is your favorite part of doing what you do?
Everywhere we go people are happy!

4. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while doing your job?
The rule is "what hapens in the booth stays in the booth" ;)

6. Do you have any Fantastic Tips for people who are considering a Photo Booth at their event?
There are lots of them. The biggest one is that they (the couple) need to plan time for them to use the booth also.

7. What are your own personal hobbies/pastimes?
Anything outdoors in the mountains, especially camping, hunting, and rappelling.

8. Do you prefer Tea or Coffee (hey, had to throw a little something really personal in there!)?
It's not one of the choices but steamed milk.

Check out A2Z Photo Booth's and all of our Favorite Wedding Vendors on our Website:!

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