Friday, October 1, 2010

Bad bad weather in Ecuador and Cuba

Ok… So I have news to share.
I am hearing that there was very bad weather in Ecuador and Cuba this past summer. It rained and was cloudy for the entire 4 months of their Grow season. This means for us florists and yes my very special brides that the roses are going to be less than perfect! “They” are saying that even filling big rose orders will be tricky and that we have to have a second choice on all varieties… don’t worry we will get as close to the color as possible it just may not be the exact name or variety originally quoted. I know this really stinks but rest assured that both we and our growers are doing everything we can to fill each and every order. On a good note the rest of the flower industry is fine so we will still have fab flowers from everywhere else!
I will keep everyone in the loop as it comes to me.

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