Thursday, April 30, 2009

Add a Petticoat

Tip from... Jennyvi Dizon.. custom designer.

The best way to change the look of a tea length gown is to add a petticoat - pictures enclosed : ) This is the same exact tea length gown, but they look drastically different. The petticoat can be worn for the ceremony to dress up the formal pictures, but when you get to the ceremony you can take out the petticoat to enjoy the night : )
On May 23rd.... Jennyvi will be here at Thee Wedding Warehouse from 9AM to 3PM. She will be on site showing different styles for every different body type. She will also be able to answer questions regarding how affordable a custom dress can be. We will be having mini make overs and all kinds of fun stuff. Check out our events page for all the details. Please RSVP by email..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Special Dances

Just a few short tips on Special Dances..

We just did a wedding and after the grand entrance they did the 1st dance... loved it. Seemed to make the grand entrance last longer. During the grand entrance the wedding party each had a special song so the DJ would play 30 seconds of each then they took a seat. The guests were entertained and it lasted for about 3 to 5 minutes. After the 1st dance they sat for dinner.

If you have several special dances (father/daughter, mother/son... etc) have the DJ play clips of the songs so that each dance isn't quite so long. Everyone loves to watch but after 3 or so songs it gets to be a little long.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doug and Rachel

And the thank you reads...

Thank you so much again for everything and all the little details and surprises that you worked so hard on! Because of you, our wedding couldn’t have been more amazing and perfect! Our suite the night of our wedding was unbelievable and once again you went over the top!! Thank you so much for all of the candles, candy, card, champagne, flowers, marriage book, strawberries and kind words!! It was absolutely amazing and was the perfect way to complete a perfect day!!!

Thank you again for everything!

This was a stunning wedding... we worked with a great cast.

Jody Galindo - Wigwam Golf Resort and Spa

Puff Lounge

MP3 - DJ
Celestial Harp

Majestic Weddings and Events - Day of Cordinator

Thee Wedding Warehouse... handled Save the Dates, Invitations.... calming the bride and groom...... Flower D├ęcor, Candy Station, Custom Menu Cards.... calming the bride and groom...... , Custom Table Numbers, Name Cards.... calming the bride and groom...... Custom Seating Arrangement, Custom Programs.
Let us help you make your memories bloom.. call 623.536.0995.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Biggest Loser

Feed back from Nisha..

Thank you so much for everything. That contest was so motivating, especially to see our results on the screen. No one wants everyone to know they had a setback at the end of the week, so it really pushes you. I hope I can continue, even though there is no weekly weigh in and the anticipation of every one's progress. I also wanted to tell you how generous you guys are. That was really nice and selfless surprise to give everyone a gift. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything.

Nisha (lost a total of 13 pounds during the 12 week contest)

There's a skinny girl who lives inside of me that's trying to get out, but I can usually shut her up with cookies. (Tara Sutton in TWW bathroom)

After losing almost 30 pounds in 12 weeks during the contest.

Tara Sutton the winner (Mom right behind her) Tara won a wedding dress in her new perfect size from Molina Bridal. A bridal Photo shoot from Ventola Photography and her bouquet from us. Prize valued at $2,500.00 ... that smile priceless!

Susan from Deja Vu Med Spa... she helped with the weigh ins every week.

See Tara's letter.

As I started the Biggest Loser weight loss competition through Thee Wedding Warehouse, I remember telling myself it cannot be that hard. I decided my goal weight, the amount I needed to loose to reach it, and how many pounds it averaged out to be each week. My goal sounded attainable and I set my mind to winning the competition. This was the easy part.
By no means is loosing weight easy. It is a steady battle with your mind and body. In a world where our lives are constantly revolving around food, this competition was never “easy”. I had to completely change my life in terms of the food I ate and the amount of exercise I participated in each day.
At the beginning of the contest, I followed the Weight Watchers system of counting points. I focused on eating more fruits and vegetables and cut out foods high in sugar and fat. I also drink at least 84 ounces of water a day, staying away from soda and sugared drinks. This method worked great and I lost many pounds.
About half way through the contest, I decided to start counting calories. Being a huge fan of the show “The Biggest Loser”, I decided to listen to Jillian’s saying of “calories in – calories out”. I never realized to loose one pound in a week you have to burn 3500 calories. I kept a food journal in which I tracked everything I ate during the day. I also recorded the amount of calories I burned working out at the gym. If I can recommend anything to anyone, it would be to keep track of what you are eating each day. This really held me accountable and I was able to look back at everything I recorded.
During this contest my biggest support system was my family. They kept me grounded when I was ready to fly to the delicious box of Tagalongs that were calling my name. It is very difficult to make a decision not to eat out for three months! There were numerous times I was ready to give up, frustrated from a low number week or just tired of “dieting”. The prizes that were given away during the contest were also a huge motivator. We all know weddings are expensive. This was my chance to help lower some of the costs. Each week I got frustrated I just kept imagining the reward I would receive at the end if I won. This kept me going!
Aside from the prizes given away at the end of the contest, one thing that is priceless is the way you feel after reaching your goal weight. I feel amazing. I have clothes in my closet that I haven’t been able to wear for years and they now fit. When I look in the mirror, I feel confident and comfortable with my new body. The girls in this contest have all done an amazing job. We all took the first step in loosing weight and have stayed committed for months. Everyone looks amazing and I am very proud of all of the girls who joined this contest. We all have done a great job.

Smber Fullmer Letter, she lost 26 pounds during the contest.


For the past year and a half I had been slowly putting on weight, they say falling in love makes you fat… well that was definitely the case for me. I had soared to become the heaviest ever and I now needed a change. I had recently become engaged when I heard about the contest out at Thee Wedding Warehouse, what better timing? I tried on dresses before I entered into the contest and was mortified. There was no way I was going to walk down the aisle feeling as bad as I did. I decided to enter this contest and to actually follow through with it.
In the past I would start fad diets and then that was it, I would be done, going back to my old ways of eating. Working out had never been a passion of mine and I would start to use excuses for why I had gained as much weight as I had… This is just the way my body is built… I have to learn to love myself the way I am… and my favorite, at least he loves me for me. Okay now let me just say that yes our bodies are built a certain way, and yes we need to love ourselves, and yes it is good that your partner loves you for you, but there is not excuse for being unhealthy. That was the great thing about Thee Wedding Warehouse; they brought in a personal trainer and gave us all the information on how to get our bodies healthy. They gave us the tools and then we were held accountable by weekly results. When the first weeks results came out I was amazed at exactly how well people were doing, I pushed myself harder. I lost 26lbs in 12 weeks, which is an average of 2.16lbs a week by eating more fruits and vegetables, eating protein bars if I was hungry throughout the day and then heating a healthy dinner. My way was to eat very few calories throughout the morning and afternoon and then eat a healthy 500-calorie dinner. I still ate a little pasta and started substituting white rice for brown and buying 45 calorie bread. I always made sure I ate something for breakfast and then ate small snacks throughout the day, like fruits or vegetables. I drink a ton of water and have cut out the soda. The weight just fell off. It is an amazing feeling. I used to always say that buying groceries was a lot more expensive than fast food, oh, how I was wrong. Not only did I lose the weight but I also saved money. After the 12 weeks I went and tried on dresses again. I had gone down 2 dress sizes! I am very excited for the next 12 weeks and look forward to having my dress altered further.
I owe a big thanks to Thee Wedding Warehouse for making me take a look at myself and for giving me the tools to accomplish my goals. In another 12 weeks I plan to be down 52lbs. I will then be ready for my dream wedding!

By: Amber Fullmer