Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Cyndi Hardy Photography; Another One of Thee Vendors We Love!

Last week we decided to start a "get to know our favorite wedding vendors" segment for our blog (and don't forget to follow us on facebook!). Now, we'd like for you to meet Cyndi Hardy of Cyndi Hardy Photography. This artistic, creative & friendly gal is one of our best & very loved by our clients! Take a look at how she re-created the cake topper in this couples photograph above! Please take a minute to learn a bit about Cyndi and stop by to take a look at some of her work here in our store and on her website!

~How long have you been a professional Photographer?
9 years. I started Cyndi Hardy Photography 6 years ago.

~Why did you decide to start Photography as a career?
I actually wanted to be a nature and landscape photographer. I love traveling and I love the beauty in this world, so I thought I would combine the two. That’s when I decided to go school to learn the technical side of photography. While I was in school, I started second shooting for a wedding photographer and fell in love!

~What is your favorite part of doing what you do?
Meeting new people and I get to watch people’s dreams come true!

~What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while doing your job?
I had the whole bridal party in the grass taking pictures and the sprinklers came on. I’ve never seen people move so fast before, including myself!!

~Do you have any Fantastic Tips for people who are considering hiring a Professional Photographer at their event?
Make sure you like both the photographer’s style and their personality. If you’re not comfortable with your photographer, it will show in your photos.

~What are your own personal hobbies/pastimes?
Watching hockey, hiking, gardening, going to the movies, hanging out with friends.

~Do you prefer Cats or Dogs? (hey, had to throw a little something really personal in there!)?
Doggies :)

Check out Cyndi Hardy Photography and all of our Favorite Wedding Vendors on our Website:!

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