Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Photographer, Kym Ventola, gets top honors.

A Photographer, Kym Ventola, gets top honors.

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He popped the question, and you said yes! After you've bragged to your single friends, shared the good news with your family, and purchased a stack of bridal magazines, it's time to start planning your wedding! This means hiring the best wedding photographer for you.

5 of the Best Wedding Photographers in Phoenix, Arizona
Neighborhood: All Phoenix, AZ 85026United States of America

Phoenix has numerous fantastic photographers that would be happy to capture your memories on the special day. Here are some of the best wedding photographers in Phoenix.Phoenix Wedding Photographer #1: Harrison HurwitzOne of Phoenix's most talented photographers is Harrison Hurwitz. He has been a professional photographer for over twenty years. He works along side his wife, who designs the cover of many of their clients wedding albums. Their motto is "Photography is as unique as you." He states, "It is each of our couple's particular story that fascinates and energizes us. Meeting and exceeding their expectations is what keeps us going." If you browse through his online portfolio, you will notice he truly provides a creative touch to his work. You can reach him at (602) 971-7978.Phoenix Wedding Photographer #2: Moments Found PhotographyAnother exceptional wedding photographer serving Phoenix is Alan from Moments Found photographer. He has been photographing weddings for over ten years and would be thrilled to do yours. If you visit his website, be sure to check out the "raves" section where you will find reviews from very happy customers. He also has youtube videos (linked from his website) to show you his album styles are more. He can be reached at (602) 320-7131.Phoenix Wedding Photographer
#3: Ventola Photography Another one of Phoenix's finest photographers is Kym Ventola of Ventola photography. She states, "I try to balance my sense of humor with my serious passion for getting the perfect image." She likes to focus on capturing real life and people at their raw selves, she states to forget about saying "say cheese!" Visit her website to browse some of her work. Her phone number is (623) 399-8760.

Nardini Manor

Nardini Manor is now part of Thee Wedding Warehouse's all inclusive packages. Make an appointment today so Thee Wedding Fairy can help you every step of the way.
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Photographs by Kym Ventola of Ventola Photography.
One of the amazing photographers in the package.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Sale

Ray Mar Productions is offering veterans past and present a 50% discount for bookings through Monday for any 2009 wedding in honor of Memorial Day. See Thee Wedding Warehouse for details.

HUGE DISCOUNTS. Thee Wedding Warehouse is proud to support The West Valley View Food Drive. For every canned food item you bring in, you will receive up to 5% off. (Discount up to 50% off entire bill, In-Stock Items Only)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Favors that are yummy

Julia Baker Confections...

Chocolates from Julia Baker Confections aren't just food, they're an experience. They're the flavor of romance, the taste of decadence. One bite into the creamy luxury found in each piece and you'll discover how good chocolate can be. Julia Baker Confections' signature chocolate recipes include truffles and hand-cut artisan chocolates, ranging in flavors from dark ganache to passion fruit. Each piece is handmade, prepared with meticulous care and great attention to detail, making for a superior chocolate experience.

This weekend one of our brides is doing this as her favor. Green bow. Each one will be set on the napkin. Yummy Yummy!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Honeymoon Registry

Ever thought about Registering for your Honeymoon? Already have 3 sets of dishes and linens enough to support having company for a month!? Angela at Elan Travel can help you plan a Honeymoon and a Honeymoon Registry so that your guests (coming or not) can contribute to your Honeymoon by applying funds to your registry to cover special experiences such a Couples Spa Treatment, Romantic Dinner on your Balcony or on the Beach, Champagne bon Voyage Packages, Swimming with Dolphins and so much more! Whether you are interested in a land or sea Honeymoon, this is a great idea. For more information or to set up an appointment please contact Angela Schrenk, a Honeymoon Specialist at Elan Travel, 623-535-1110 /

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Six Don'ts

6 DIY Don'ts.. from The Knot

Your Cake: Whether it’s a missed teaspoon of sugar or a tilted tier, a wedding cake disaster is hard to fix. Yes, it would be much less expensive to buy a few boxes of cake mix and do it yourself, but the quality in the end could be lacking. Decorating and transporting a wedding cake is quite difficult and best left to someone with the knowledge of how to handle your confection without damaging it.

Your Photos: Your photographs are one of the few tangible things you’ll have to remember your wedding. All of your loved ones may promise to capture every moment, but what happens if they get distracted or have a camera malfunction? If it’s important for you to have high-quality images and hundreds of great shots, hire a pro. You’ll be glad you did when you see your picture-perfect album.

Coordinating it Yourself: You’ve organized every minute detail so far, so why shouldn't’t you be in charge on the wedding day? Because you won’t be able to relax. Hiring a coordinator for the day can be a lifesaver. While you’re getting pampered, they’ll be setting up and averting any crisis that may occur. When everything isn’t going perfectly, you’ll be none the wiser. Trust us --

peace of mind is worth the extra expense.

Your Centerpieces: A beautiful centerpiece sets the mood of the reception. From sophisticated to fun, you can create a setup that will wow your guests -- with a florist’s help, of course! Flowers can cost upward of $3,000, depending on your taste and the season. Although it’s a larger part of the budget, it’s worth every penny. Your florist will ensure that you get exquisite displays filled with the freshest blooms.

Your Catering: Catering a large-scale party is a huge undertaking, even for a culinary whiz. You’ll be hard-pressed to get enough food together for a hundred people and keep it hot -- even if you make the best dish in town. And, once you get it made, you’ll need a reliable staff to serve it. Caterers are trained to make it happen; they have the support staff to serve you and your guests in a timely manner.

Your Music: It’s tempting to rock out to your favorite tunes, and you might think it’s easy to do so with an iPod. Not quite. You’ll be limited to the music that you love as a couple, not necessarily what everyone else will like, and you’ll be stuck with the premade playlist. Music pros are trained to read the dance floor. They can speed it up or slow it down so that your guests are footloose into the wee hours.

Do ask for help... we offer one hour complimentary sessions on planning. Make your appointment today with Thee Wedding Fairy... what every girl needs!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't Believe Everything You Read on How to Save $$$
Recently we read on a national website (The Knot) that a good way to save money is to "send a trusted friend to the nearest market to buy your wedding flowers". Here is what I (Jacque) have to say about that... "Ya Right" Do you really want your "friend" to make your flower so that when you walk down the aisle your flowers are falling out of your bouquet? Or your boutonnieres are hanging off the lapels? Now if your "friend" is a florist that is a different story. And wait... isn't your trusted friend walking down the aisle with you? Really girls lets think about this... there is a reason there have florists for approx. 200 years. Being a floral designer is more than just throwing flowers together. It comes with years of experience that a good florist knows how to take your dreams and turn them into beautiful arrangement on the table and in your hands.
So here is my tip... talk to your florist, tell them what your budget is and let a professional help you. This is the biggest day of your life and do you really want a grocery store tag stuck on the bottom of your bouquet or centerpieces?
Lots of tips tomorrow.. come ask questions. Get Inspired.. Get Real Answers. For those of you DYI brides.. don't miss the 10 AM workshop.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Jenn and Jordan say "I Do"

Congratulations to Jenn and Jordan.. they got married on April 4, 2009 at Church of Litchfield Park. Their reception was held at the Star Point Residence Club. We had lots of fun with Jenn and Jordan. Planning was a blast. Can't wait to see the pictures from the reception.. Fresh Look Images will be sending them soon.

We wish you both all the best and truly value the relationship we have built with you.
Thee Wedding Warehouse Vendors
Photography - Fresh Look Images
Day of Coordinator - Sassy Soirees, Shannon Smith
Bouquet details... Jacque designed the bouquet with Jenn and after a while the design bug got her ... Jac pretty much told Jenn what she was getting. Look at her face and you can see she was beyond thrilled!!
In Jenn's bouquet we used...Green Cymbidium Orchids, Sahara roses, monkey tail, white Peonies, white mini callas and Vendella roses! It was so beautiful... just like Jenn "MillsBrough"!