Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Romantic Honeymoon Specials

Romantic Honeymoon Specials

by: Angela - Honeymoon Specialist @ Elan Travel

Outrigger Waikiki, Oahu ~ Hawaii
5 Nights in a City View Room (w/ complimentary upgrade!)
$968 per person
Includes Airfare (non stop on Hawaiian Air), Room, Private Airport/Hotel Transfers & Taxes
Complimentary Amenities:
• Continental Breakfast for two Daily •Early Check in / Late Check out, based on availability @ check in •Free Upgrade, based on Availability at check in

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort ~ Jamaica
7 Nights in a Royal Honeymoon Walk-out Swim up Crystal Lagoon Suite
$2945 per person
Includes Airfare, Room, All Inclusive Plan @ Resort, Airport/hotel Transfers & Taxes
Price Also Includes the following promotions!:
Plus Honeymooner Amenities:
Rose Petal Turndown Service, Breakfast in Bed & More!

Princess Cruise to Tahiti ~ French Polynesia
10 Night South Pacific Cruises on Tahitian Princess (Fall Sailings Oct-Dec)
$3018 per person
Includes Airfare, Cabin (based on least expensive sailing/inside cabin) Port fees, Transfers & Taxes
Certain Sailings will also include:
• $100 Onboard Credit •Complimentary 6x8 Candid Photo • Complimentary Choc. Dipped Strawberries

Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort ~ Mexico
5 Nights in a Deluxe Room, All inclusive
$1063 per person
Includes Airfare (non stop on US Air), Room, Private Airport/Hotel Transfers & Taxes
Bookings made by Aug 21st for departures thru Dec 23rd Include:
• $100 Spa Credit •$60 Credit toward a Romantic Dinner •$40 Credit toward bottles of Wine @ Hotel Restaurants
Plus – Honeymooner Amenities:
•Tropical Fruit Plate, Champagne Breakfast in Bed, Bottle of Champagne & Turn down Service

Contact: Angela / Honeymoon Specialist @ Elan Travel / 623-561-1111-Phone
Mention Thee Wedding Warehouse at time of Deposit & Receive a Free Gift With your Travel Documents!
Prices & Availability are subject to change until booked.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Post-Wedding Blues

Brides and grooms spend at least one year in the spotlight as an engaged couple. There are numerous celebrations in their honor. On the big day, all eyes are on them. This is especially true for the bride, who is the real star of the show. But when couples cut the cake at the end of the reception, they are symbolically cutting their time in the sun. For some people that is tough. If you’re suffering from the post-wedding blues, you can get out of your funk. Here's how:

1. Gain Perspective
Your wedding was fun but it was only one day. Your marriage should last a lifetime. Truly, the day after the wedding is the really exciting day because it’s the beginning of your life together. Now is your chance to show your commitment and love to one another every day, create a family and home, and dream big. Start discussing the next big goal you have as a couple. It could be something as small as saving up for a romantic weekend getaway or as big as purchasing a home. Whatever it is, you’ll choose together, and it will give you something else on which to focus.

2. Get Cozy
For the last few months, you’ve probably done nothing but think about and plan a wedding. While the chores may have been fun, they were still work. Planning a wedding can zap your energy and add to your stress. Now that it’s all over, you probably have regained some precious time. It’s okay if you want to take a rest and do absolutely nothing for a little while. Bask in your newfound laziness. Get in your pajamas, make some popcorn, throw in a DVD, grab a blanket, and snuggle with your spouse on the couch. If your better half leans over for a smooch, all the better!

3. Go Out
Engaged couples have a tendency to neglect their friends and family in the days leading up to the wedding because they have so many things to do. Make it up to your pals and relatives by going out to dinner or the movies with them. If you’re into nature, take a hike. Do things you enjoy and haven’t had the time to do in a while with the people who knew and loved you before you were married. They’ll appreciate your company and lift your spirits.

4. Throw a Party
If the party planner in you craves another feast, then set a date for a get together at your place. It will be on a smaller scale than a wedding, but you’ll still be able to create invitations, place settings, centerpieces, and a menu. You can whip out all the great gifts you received – from that blender to the fine china – and put them to good use. Invite people who you wish could have spent more one-on-one time with you at the wedding, and make it a point to have some fun.

5. Take on a Project
Many a bride and groom have felt nostalgic in the days after the wedding. That’s okay. You can feel free to embrace your nostalgia. Talk about the day, look at pictures, and watch the video. In fact, you could take on a project that would honor your wedding in some way. For instance, you could frame some of your favorite photos and create a collage on your wall, put together a scrapbook, or make a video replete with music and burn it onto a DVD. Such activities keep your mind busy, give you the chance to dwell on the happy memories you created, and leave you with a keepsake that you can turn to whenever you want to put a smile on your face.

By: Stacy Anderson
Thee Wedding Warehouse Home of EnDearing Floral Design

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tips from the Knot

Wedding Planning: 10 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

To read the whole article click here. I took out the best three.

#1 Doing Anything...Before the Guest List
The problem: You're engaged! You're excited! You're ready to send out save-the-dates, book that reception hall, choose those flowers -- now! Well hang on a second, because we're afraid you're forgetting something. Who's coming to this affair, exactly?
The solution: It's not the most fun part of planning (and we'll be honest, it's one of the most likely to lead to a fight or two or twelve), but you shouldn't make any wed-day decisions before you have your wedding guest list somewhat firmly in place. Why, you ask? Well, do you want to have a nonrefundable deposit down on that cozy restaurant room that fits 75 when your mother-in-law's additions bump your list up over 200? Exactly. Once every one's in agreement, then you can move forward. That said, this means that one of the parts of your wedding you can plan immediately (or at least talk over with your fiance) is what kind of atmosphere you'd like for your wedding. Do you want an intimate, close friends and family-only affair, or do you want to throw the event of the season for 300-plus people? Later, when you're in the guest-list trenches, this bit of planning will help back up your gut instinct about whether to say yes (or no) to guest-list additions.

#7 Overloading Your Mom's Big Day To-do List
The problem: So you can't do it all yourself -- fine -- but you've got to have someone you trust double-checking with the caterer and the florist, steaming your veil, or making sure the limo company's got directions. Most brides turn to good ol' Mom (or their sister or their maid of honor) to make sure things go as planned on the big day. These folks are usually happy to help in any way they can -- but hey, didn't they come here to party too?
The solution: No matter how worried you are, most wedding-day (and day-before) chores can be trusted to any competent adult, and aren't there a slew of them coming into town just for your wedding? Before you hand your mom or MOH a mega-task list, consider splitting jobs among a larger group of people -- friends, cousins, aunts. They'll be glad to lend a hand (and likely flattered that you asked), and it's a great way to include more people in your celebration. If you're worried about losing track, simply take the to-do list you already have and note who's who next to each task. Check in with each person at some point, then check off the chore from the list.
Another option: Hire a professional wedding coordinator for the final weeks before the wedding. They're experts at making sure those last-minute details get done, and having the extra hands around will help you (and mom) decide what you really want to be in charge of and what you can happily hand off. It's more affordable than you might think -- and really, can you put a price tag on alleviating that kind of stress?

I think a lot of brides don't realize how affordable a wedding coordinator can be. We offer full service planning and day of coordinating. We call this service "Thee Wedding Fairy". What every girl needs. After meeting with my last couple this last Saturday we will be changing that to what every couple needs. They were amazed at how affordable our pricing was. After going through what they wanted, we created a realistic budget within a hour. Wow.. on the first meeting. Then I went through the budget and showed them how I could actually save them money that would more than cover the wedding coordinator. Of course they were thrilled and we signed up another happy couple. So my tip is... before thinking I have too small of a budget or I can't afford it, call and make an appointment. The consultation is always complimentary.

#9 Blowing Your Budget
The problem: You came up with a number. You did some research. You revised the number. You started planning ... and now that number's not going to cut it. Budgeting for a wedding can be the stuff of nuptial nightmares -- but that doesn't mean you should elope.
The solution: If you find you've underestimated some expenses, don't panic. Instead, sit down with your fiance and try to reach a constructive solution. Maybe you can give up an item or trade one for another (for example, dahlias over Black Magic roses saves about $4 per stem). If you're coming up short overall, you may have to take on some debt. To make it as minimal as possible, consider obtaining a low-interest loan or using a low-interest credit card. And to keep it from becoming a source of tension between the two of you, make a plan to deal with the debt and a deadline for paying it off so it won't hang over your heads.

Happy Planning!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Bridesmaid Code of Ethics

The Bridesmaid Code of Ethics

August 10, 2009 in Tips and Advice

Calling all bridesmaids – pay attention! Whether you’re a sister, cousin, co-worker, or girlfriend – there is a simple code of ethics to follow when it comes to being a bridesmaid.
*Accept an invitation to be a bridesmaid only if you are excited about being in the wedding. Do not accept out of guilt or because you feel obligated.
*Be available to shop with your bride if she asks. When I was in my friend Amy’s wedding several years ago, we spent an entire summer crashing wedding sites on Saturdays to see what they looked like all set up for an event. We had such a great time, and it made me feel like I had a special part of helping her plan her wedding.
*Let your bride take the lead when shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Talk to her about her vision before grabbing dresses to try on. Yes, we want you to look fabulous, but your bride has an idea in mind regarding the overall look of her wedding. Support her in that vision (see Jenni’s blog on her yellow wedding that never happened).
*Don’t complain to your bride about any of the following:
Your attire
The guy you are assigned to walk with down the aisle (more on the boy ethics below)
How much money you’re spending on her shower/parties/bridesmaid dress/wedding gift
Her family (you know the rule – you can vent about your own mother but no one else can)
How fat you think you are (especially if you smaller than the bride….that is straight up terrible)
Wearing heels (get a pair and practice at home – unless you get lucky and can go barefoot on the beach)
The venue of the wedding or rehearsal dinner
The food at the reception
The groom (even if he’s your brother or BFF)
*Bring a date to the wedding only if you’re in a relationship. Remember – each head at a wedding is costing the bride/groom/family an average of $100. Before you bring a date, ask yourself if you would buy that guy a $100 meal.
*Speaking of boys…if you are single a wedding is a great place to meet someone. That said, do it tastefully and save any overnight adventures for a different evening.
*Offer to help all along the way, and be a sounding board, shoulder to cry on, and fabulous pal for girls’ nights out. If you’re married, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t had your own wedding yet, this is very good karma for your future wedding planning.
*You know that song, All You Need is Love? Make that your motto.
I just realized I could go on and on with this stuff, but I’ll leave it at that so as not to scare anyone away from accepting the honor of being a bridesmaid. If you are genuinely excited to be in this wedding, you will likely not have to worry about anything. Just be your naturally wonderful self and have fun celebrating this time in your bride’s life.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keri Doolittle will be at Thee Wedding Warehouse

Featured Vendor:
Keri Doolittle Photography Keri Doolittle will be our featured vendor at our Open House on Saturday, August 8th. She will be here to answer any questions you may have about wedding photography. She will also be displaying five creative and unique ways to incorporate photos into your wedding. Attached is a picture of one of the ideas that will be on display...this is a Manzanita branch that has engagement photos hung from the branches. This looks beautiful at your guest sign-in table! LASTLY, Keri will be giving away a 9" Digital Photo Frame by GPX!! See you on August 8th . Come on down for some great ideas and a chance to win a digital frame! Must be here by Noon!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Arizona" Summer Wedding

"Arizona" Summer Wedding
Maybe there isn't an "average" Arizona summer wedding. One thing that is average is the daytime temperature from about May 15 until November 1. It's hot here! Here includes Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona, Apache Junction, Goodyear and most points in between.
Many visitors come to the Valley of Sun from November through April. Big business schedules conventions and training seminars for them. The splendid weather causes scores of visitors to plan their vacations during this "peak" travel season. Golf, hiking, shopping and weddings are wonderful experiences during "peak" travel season. When the visitors come to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale or Tempe, they find our weather good enough to "come back here to get married" when the rates go down. Little do they realize that the pleasant weather they covet is only temporary. Preparing to come down the aisle on a 111 degree August day, many a bride has remarked, "It was so beautiful when we visited here in December!"
The faith of Arizona couples is often amazing, too! Standing in full sun, 109 degrees and a 57 degree dew point temperature, they remark, "we thought we might get a break" on a mid-July afternoon wedding. Flowers and guests begin to wilt at outdoor weddings when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees. It's difficult for a photographer to capture smiles on the guest's faces. Children are crabby and video seemingly melts in the camera . . . well, you get the idea.
A hot weather wedding speeds up the minister. However, it slows down the funky chicken at the reception, if anyone can even muster the energy to dance. Now hear this: the only break in Arizona weather during our hot season is above the 7500' elevation.
Here are some tips for a hot outdoor summer

1. Shade. Find some shade. Make some shade. Get under some trees, rent some lawn umbrellas, or offer the elderly some hand-held umbrellas. Don't face the sun, don't have the officiate face the sun, and don't make your guests face the sun. Direct sun will take the celebration out of anyone.

2. Bring sunscreen. Is this a wedding or a trip to the beach? If you must have a wedding with anyone facing the sun, make sure ample sunscreen and UV400 sunglasses are available. Fair skinned people can burn in a matter of minutes and suffer for days afterward.

3. Avoid strenuous activity. Don't try to do everything the day of the wedding. Set up tables early in the morning or the night before. Get help setting up chairs. (Forget metal chairs period. After ten minutes in the sun they will sear any flesh they come into contact with).

4. Just add water. Provide lots of ice-cold drinking water at one or more locations. Just like having a guest book attendant stop people for signatures, have someone dispensing water. No, not beer, water!

5. Evaporative Coolers. Fans sometimes turn hot air into hot air with friction. Misters on fans are like spraying your guests with a garden hose and are noisy enough to drown-out your Ave Maria. Big rental companies rent authentic portable evaporative coolers. Spend the extra few dollars to provide this source of quiet cool air when the dew point is low enough.

6. Bring a handkerchief. This elegant and often over-looked item is the perfect complement to any hot-weather wedding ensemble. From the breast pocket of a stylish tuxedo or the hand of the beautiful bride, the discrete patting of a handkerchief can be a relief on one's face. Hand fans with the wedding program printed on them are becoming popular.

7. Be Sure. If your antiperspirant doesn't work cutting the lawn in July, it probably won't work at your wedding either. Shop around for an upgrade. Since you will be soaked with perspiration during the ceremony and photos, you might also consider bringing at least a change of underclothing for the reception.

8. Call 9-1-1. If anyone suffers the symptoms of heat exhaustion, don't wait for the coma. Place cold cloths on wrists and the forehead and get medical attention immediately.

9. Plan. Make a detailed schedule of the day and try to follow it. Make sure you have time for everything. Don't add stress and rushing to a hot summer day's schedule. Stay inside with air-conditioning as long as you can and get back inside frequently as your wedding day goes by.

10. Plan B. Your minister, DJ or musicians, florist, parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, vocalist, and all your guests are praying you have an indoor Plan B. Can you take the wedding inside? If you have planned your wedding in Arizona's hot weather, don't deny it. Nothing can be done about the weather, but you can prepare for it. Be sensitive to your guests and be wise about your plans.