Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Toss or Not to Toss

So... one of the really fun parts of your wedding is the bouquet/garter toss.. or is it?

Recently I was at a wedding where the bride very happily ran out on the dance floor to toss her bouquet and Lo and Behold... no-one joined her!!! She stood there looking at everyone thinking "OMG... this is awkward"....

Here's what I think: if you are a bride in her 20's who has lots of single girl friends who will go "running" to the dance floor to kill each other for the bouquet... toss it! However, if you are a bride who is a bit older (like me) with lots of married girlfriends not so willing to kill each other for the chance of the superstitious marriage bouquet (LOL) ...don't toss it!

It was so bad for me (married at 35) that my girlfriends used to say... ON THE MICROPHONE..." Hey Jacque I know you're here! Come out and catch the bouquet!" Oh ya,... can't wait to stand up there in front of 125 people alone! NOT!

So my advice? Consider your guest list, and if you don't have a ton of singles, research some other options. Talk to your DJ or your planner; they can help you to come up with some great alternatives, like the Anniversary Dance, where you give the couple who has been married the longest your toss bouquet and garter! It's really sweet and romantic and no-one looks like the fool.

The toss isn't something anyone will miss if you replace it with something wonderful. And trust me, your single girlfriends will love you for it! LOLOLOL

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