Friday, September 24, 2010

Let’s Talk Make-up

OK Girls...Let’s talk Make-up!

I understand that we are in really tough economic times… BUT… you spend thousands of dollars planning your wedding and a huge chunk of that is on Photography, right? So how in the wide wide world of sports could you consider not having you and your Bridesmaids hair & make-up done?

This is one of those things that I say "Is not expensive… It’s PRICELESS”!

These are pictures that you will have for a lifetime and you want them to be fabulous! YOU want to look fabulous in them! Please trust me when I tell you that your everyday make-up IS NOT THE SAME!!!! We do not have the skill or the product to do the kind of job that a Professional Make-up artist has. They use special foundations and effects to make you look your absolute best!! There is something about the way a make-up artist does eyes and foundation that is irreplaceable! AND don’t even get me started on how incredible The EYELASHES are! OMG…. Every girl needs lashes, lol.

It is also a really great way to spend the time before your big entrance! I mean really girls, what could be better than being pampered in your room? Our artists come to you, no driving around from the hair salon and then to the mall make-up counter! If you don’t trust my 25 years worth of seeing the difference in Professional artistry and the girls who do their own… do a trial and see the difference! I know from experience that every time Heather from Pure Radiance does my face that I feel like a MILLION BUCKS! She is truly an artist and it shows in your face! Every Bride should shine from inside as well as from outside!

Heather will be here this Thursday evening at our awesome TWW & Twirl Event… Join us… Have fun, buy dresses, shop the sales, drink pink champagne, eat great food! Is there any better way to spend a Thursday night???

Thursday, September 30
6:00pm to 9:00pm
See Details, click here

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