Thursday, August 19, 2010

brides maids dresses and color

When you chose your brides maids dresses did you think about the flowers you would choose to accompany them first… or at all?

As brides and “girls” we spend hours looking for the right dress for our attendants.

Which one looks the best on my kind of chunky, brunette MOH and will still look good on my teeny tiny blonde sister!?! LOL But did you ever stop to consider what your favorite flowers were and what colors they came in? Did you ever imagine for a moment what all your girls (including you) would be holding in their hands in all your photos?

I believe in color and I am not afraid to say it!!! I love to meet with a bride who has “NO IDEA” what she wants!

That is the most fun! Because,… I love color! If you have chosen “plum” for your girls did you immediately think "Oh light purple and ivory”? If you did you are like most, it’s safe. But can you see deep Orangey yellows on there??? Or how about deep sage greens and cranberry reds with a touch of orange??? For spring what about rich orange, corally oranges and purples? There are so many fun options to choose from.

On chocolate brown… how about deep reds and burgundy’s? Or all shades of green?? MMM, I can just see it now…LOL

Coming in to see me will be one of the most fun parts of planning your wedding. I get to open your mind to possibilities and color schemes you may never have thought of! I will help you to pick the perfect bouquet for the dress you are wearing. And trust me there is the right bouquet for each bride and her dress! If you have tons of bead work, I suggest a simple and timeless bouquet. If your dress is very simple then maybe we go for a floral eye catcher!

We will look at tons of books, pictures and magazines. We will choose together the wedding flowers that are perfectly just yours! I can help you choose linens to add the perfect touch to your reception room too. (Linens are huge by the way)…

When you leave our store you will have had one of the best days picking flowers and decorations! I promise you that. We offer so many wonderful things in our store who even knows what you can accomplish in one day! And I promise that I have VERY reasonable prices for what we offer. I take great pride in the Bouquets that come out of Thee Wedding Warehouse home of EnDearing Floral design and each bride who carries them.

Come in and see us. Let us show you what planning your wedding should be…

Jacque Dearing


Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

LOVE this post!!!!!

Lolitha said...

Your topic was nice. Occasionally brides wedding dresses got white in color and had something additional designs in that dress. More over the ornaments were suitable for that dress which add more touch-up to the bride.