Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sand Ceremony

WE LOVE "thanks yous" and pictures. Marisa Maggio-Harelson (some of you might have seen her at bridal shows, she works for Arizona Weddings Magazine and Website) just sent this to me. She and her husband celebrated their anniversary... They decided to renew their vows. She came in and got the vases and sand in the store and then we got everything engraved. She also wanted a candle with their wedding saying that was on her wedding invitations engraved onto a glass cylinder that she put a candle in. The original plans was to do all this in November but life sometimes happens and they ended up waiting and then doing it on the beach in Cabo.

I love the heart shaped vase because it has a lid.. but you can use any kind of vase. Everyone always asks and the answer is you do not have to use the wedding colors. I actually suggest using something that will look good in your home.

All questions about the actual ceremony can be answered by most officiants. Every sand ceremony is a little different. Reverend Giovanni always helps answer any questions we have on this topic... if you need questions answered call him 623.910.6214.


Michelle @ Moon Glow said...
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Michelle @ Moon Glow said...

Sand ceremonies are really hot! A photographer on Twitter said she had one in almost all her weddings last year (Twitter: weddingsand). We have over 70 colors of wedding sand Family ceremonies are also very popular.

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