Monday, March 16, 2009

Piper / Lake Wedding

Piper / Lake Wedding
Cart Wheels...??? Katie Piper is so cute. Look at her go. I think this the first time I have every seen someone do a cartwheel in a wedding dress. I started with this picture because I couldn't resist but the following are the of the beautiful flowers that we (Jacque) did.

The cake was absolutely beautiful. Jacque also perfectly placed all the black magic roses on the cake to show off the beautiful cake jewels ( from our store).

This party looks like fun... and guess who is in the house? Mr. Curtis Whipple DJ extraordinaire. This picture gives a new meaning to the word MC or full service DJ.

Reeves Photography caught the whole day on film and "Thank You" to them for sending us a disc.

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Curtis Whipple said...

It WAS a fun event! Cindy Reeves did a great job of capturing a spontaneous moment of celebration there. I get paid to schlep the equipment around and do paperwork and things, but that part is what I do for free.

Curtis Whipple