Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lost Love Ones

HI Everyone! I need to write about something that has been brought to my attention several times in the last few weeks...How to memorialize someone who has passed at your wedding. It is a sad subject but I feel it needs some attention.So,... here's how I feel.

First and foremost, DO NOT leave and empty chair for them !!! This is just an open invitation for tears on your special day. This is a special day for all of your family and it should be a happy day! I am not trying to say that the lost ones are less important but if you leave a chair for them all it does is leave everyone with the feeling that some one important is missing. I mean think about it, you are walking down the aisle and there is a place where a dear friend or family member is NOT sitting! I don't know about you but it makes me sad even thinking about it! I have been telling my clients to come up with other things to include a lost loved one. One way is to put pictures of them at the guest book table. A picture of them smiling and laughing or one at Halloween in a funny costume. If they were in our armed forces ( as so many have been) show your pride with a photo in Uniform. Pictures of when they were little and ones of them with the Bride and Groom or Mom and Dad! That way people will look at the pictures and smile feeling happy as they walk into your big day! Another good idea is to put lots of votive candles out(enough for each couple attending) don't forget the matches on this table, leave a note with the pictures and ask each couple to light a candle for your loved one! This is not only a happy way to say we miss you but it also serves as a beautiful decoration at your reception !! Also you could place a special floral arrangement of their favorite flowers with a picture of them laughing... See, theirs so much you can do and make everyone happy! I hope I have shed some light on a very sad and sometimes heated situation. I am here if any one has questions or wants some other ideas for remembering lost loved ones.

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