Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chocolate Lovers

Ok guys! For all you Chocolate lovers.... All About Catering is giving Thee Wedding Warehouse Clients.... Are you ready?????? A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!!!!!! Yep! That's what I said Chocolate fountain! So if you have not booked a caterer and love chocolate this is a no brainer! Great food great service and chocolate!! What more could you need? Well... except a florist,D.J.,photographer,rings..... ok I'll stop now.

Ginny gave us a great suggestion!!!!!! Instead of doing buffet tables try STATIONS.
Pasta Station
Salad Station... very cute served in a martini glass
Carving Station
Potato Station
Instead of your guests standing in a line waiting for their food... they can meander about to different stations. It adds personality and style and actually works into a budget very well.

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