Saturday, October 4, 2008

Christine's Friend Got Her Dream Wedding

Congratulations from all the vendors to Bernadette and Adolfo the winners of the My Best Friend Deserves Her Dream Wedding. May all your dreams come true.

What a shock they both had when they found out they won.

A toast to them and everyone that made this giveaway possible.

Her first call... to her mom. And everyone cried.

Christine wrote:

In my opinion, Bernadette deserves her ‘dream’ wedding because she is a great friend, loyal confidante, and is willing to do anything for anybody on a moment’s notice. The same can be said of her fiance, Adolfo, as they are basically never too busy to give of themselves or their time to others, especially when it comes to friends and family. Bernadette also deserves her dream wedding because she is determined to make the most out of life and believes that all good things are guided by faith in order to succeed. Bernadette has already accomplished many of her dreams thus far. For example, Bernadette was the first in her family to graduate high school and college, and did so by earning academic scholarships as she graduated with honors. As you will see, Bernadette gives one hundred percent effort to everything she puts her mind to, and remains dedicated with ambition and tenacity to finish whatever she started.
The main obstacle that would prevent Bernadette from having her dream wedding is money. Bernadette was raised by a single mother and has a large family, which includes a rather large extended family as well. Bernadette is very close with her family and has at times, helped them out financially. Unfortunately, they are not in a position to reciprocate. Recently, Bernadette was able to purchase her very own home through a first-time home buyer program called Housing Our Communities. Bernadette works extremely hard to achieve her goals and now that she has realized her dream of home ownership, is unable to afford her dream wedding. Bernadette’s dream wedding would consist of an outdoor setting; have fresh cut seasonal flowers, a 3-tiered cake, and a work-free day for her family. Since Bernadette must pay for her own wedding on a Social Workers salary it is quite impossible to make this dream become a reality.
Bernadette and I have been friends for two years, and she has been a very supportive person in my life. She has shared many of my trials and tribulations through our friendship. Bernadette has proven herself to be there whenever I needed to talk, laugh, cry, or just act silly (which I do at times!). The best memories Bernadette and I have together are through our shared interest in travel. Bernadette was very grateful that I introduced her to flying and accompanied her on her very first flight in November 2006 to San Diego, CA, where we enjoyed a day at the zoo. Not long thereafter, I accompanied Bernadette in realizing her dream of visiting New York City and Washington D.C. I will also never forget the look on Bernadette’s face when she saw her first lightning bug during our trip to my mom’s house in Philadelphia, PA. last summer. Bernadette appreciates life and has worked very hard to get where she is today. Bernadette will not pass up an opportunity to realize her dreams and achieve her goals, which is why I have decided to assist her in becoming the recipient of her own dream wedding.
Bernadette contributes to her community first and foremost through her job at the Child Crisis Center’s Family Resource Center in Mesa, and second, at her part-time job with the City of Mesa’s Washington Activity Center. In both positions, Bernadette devotes her time guiding the children to make good, positive choices, as well as providing parent support in the classes she teaches at the Family Resource Center. Bernadette is a dedicated individual who truly cares about improving the lives of children and their families. In her second job, Bernadette plays an even more vital role in helping underprivileged children by supervising their after school activities and coordinating various field trips in order to provide them with the opportunity to experience things they otherwise would not have had on their own. Bernadette and Adolfo’s contribution to the recreation center ensures that there is a safe place for kids to ‘hang-out’ after school and during the summer in order to keep them off the streets and out of trouble. Bernadette and Adolfo understand the importance of guiding children, as Adolfo is a dedicated volunteer at the same recreation center where Bernadette works. Since both Bernadette and Adolfo are avid volunteers, they have recently signed up to help Arizona Adoption and Foster Care with their upcoming Labor Day camp. This camp is for all families that have either adopted or provide foster care to children in their homes, and the events will last the entire weekend. It takes two very special people to touch their friends, families, and communities in the ways that Bernadette and Adolfo do, and continue their efforts without fail.
Bernadette & Adolfo grew up in the same neighborhood, although their paths did not cross until they both participated in softball teams during the summer of 2005. Bernadette often recalls how she had never noticed Adolfo and was hesitant because she felt they would not be compatible. However, it was during that same summer that Bernadette and Adolfo spent time taking long walks in the park getting to know each other. That was the year they fell in love and they have been in love for three years this month. Bernadette and Adolfo were engaged in March 2008, and plan to be married in April 2009.
Bernadette and Adolfo are a unique couple simply because they compliment and complete each other. She is very strong, organized and punctual; Adolfo, on the other hand, is laid-back, relaxed, and spontaneous. In that respect, they truly balance each other, and I believe there are no two people more deserving of this wedding than them. Bernadette and Adolfo’s relationship is also special because they are not opposed to sharing gender-traditional roles. For example, Adolfo is comfortable cooking and cleaning whereas some men might not, and Bernadette enjoys accompanying Adolfo outdoors and assisting with projects around the home. In any situation, they truly cherish the time they spend together and have created a special partnership. Adolfo realizes how special Bernadette is and treats her like a princess by pampering her with compliments and affection on a daily basis. Each of them makes sure a day does not by without the other knowing how much they are loved and appreciated. Adolfo cannot wait to marry Bernadette and she is looking forward to looking and feeling like a princess on her wedding day. I was most happy to write this essay for Adolfo and Bernadette since playing a part in helping them achieve their dream wedding would be the very deserving gift for this couple to begin the rest of their lives together.

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christine said...

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to participate in this 'dream come true' for Adolfo and Bernadette.
More pictures to come - I HOPE!!!

Congratulations Bernadette and Adolfo!! This is a well-deserved gift for a truly deserving couple!

Bernadette and Adolfo said...

Words cannot express our sincere gratitude for all the vendors that have generously donated their time and services toward planning the wedding of our dreams!
Heartfelt thanks to the girls at ‘Thee Wedding Warehouse’ for coordinating the contest. These girls are beautiful, just like their store. Please see for yourself!

Christine, I hope you know how truly special you are not only to me but also to the families' whose lives you touch every day! My life has changed in so many ways since the day we became friends. Your unconditional love, support and guidance are priceless. I hope you always know how much I love and appreciate you!