Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are you thinking cupcakes?

Are you thinking cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake? Well if you are... keep thinking! They're fun, unique, and very scrumptious! Cupcakes enable you to have several different flavors of cake with fun decorations on each one. A cupcake [cake] can be designed to look like a traditional wedding cake with a small cake on top for you and your groom to cut. Cupcake cakes range in price from $2 per person up to $6 per person depending on decoration. Oh, and don't forget the always wonderful Petit Fours starting around $4 per person. Can't decide? Desert bars and candy bars are always fun and yummy options to consider. Cute little guy holding the platter not included.

As always, we are having cake samples throughout the day on Saturday. Come see us.

I am not always great about noting who takes the pictures that I post on our blog. I get them from all different source. We have lots of wonderful photographers and the not so great pictures... I probably took. This picture was taken by ....Reeves Photography.

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