Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The 10 Best Ways to Cut Costs, by Mindy Weiss

Books and more books.... but Mindy Weiss wrote The Wedding Book and page 27 talks about the Ten Best Ways to Cut Costs!

1. Trim the guest list. Your cost per head is your biggest expense.

2. Choose a gorgeous setting, whether it's a conservatory or a ballroom. You'll save a bundle on decorations.

3. Skip the off-site location and go with a reception site ( a hotel, club, or restaurant) that comes with tables, chairs, flatware, and staff. Tents and other rentals add up to a substantial expense.

4. Start the wedding earlier in the day. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, or heavy hors d'oeuvers cost less than dinner, and earlier in the day, people drink less, lowing your liquor costs.

5. Limit the alcoholic offerings to wine, beer, and a signature cocktail. Also consider sangria or punch as a festive but cost-effective alternative to mixed drinks.

6. Move the wedding from Saturday to Sunday; if you need to bring down the price even more, move it to a weekday.

7. Eliminate the champagne toast. Most of the bubbly will be thrown out anyway. Have guests toast with whatever they're drinking at the time.

8. Instead of a band, hire a great DJ.

9. Opt for an inexpensive printing method of your invitations. Use designs cleverly and you can get a great effect with offset printing, for a fraction of the price of letterpress or engraving.

10. Skip favors. Write a personal note instead.

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