Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Installment of Meet Thee Vendors We Love!

Meet Carl Anderson, of Princess Bride Cinematic Videography!

One of the most important and lasting memories from your wedding is captured via Video, and Carl certainly has the flair and the knack for making it AMAZING! Be sure you take a look at their website for more info and some "clips" of what they do, how they do it, and what makes it special. You won't be disappointed! Now, take a look below at some great facts (and advice) about Carl & his company:

1. How long have you been doing Video at Events & Weddings?
25 years and counting! I turned 40 this year and started filming weddings professionally at age 15. I was the consummate "video geek" in High School and was asked by a graduating Senior to film her wedding for $25. I loved it, started the biz, and never looked back. Of course, my rates haven't changed in 25 years, making us a great investment...

2. Why did you decide to start this biz?
I have always had a passion for film-making, cinematography, and story-telling. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to make movies, and become the next Steven Spielberg. So, I attended a special cinematography summer-school at U.S.C., arguedly the best film school in the country, and got specially-trained for storytelling with a video cam some 20 years ago. I decided instead of 18 hour-a-day workdays on film sets that I loved the feel and the raw emotion of a wedding "flim-set" better, so I went full-time with my Princess Bride Sarah and a great staff of Cinematographers some 15 years ago. We are the longest-running wedding video company in AZ!

3. What is your favorite part of doing what you do?
My favorite part is capturing the emotion of a wedding day; the first meeting together of the bride and groom, hearing what they feel for each other just before the Ceremony, the beauty of the Vows and Rings, the amazing stories of the Toasts, and the emotion of the first dance. Every wedding day is unique and when I sit down to edit, I love creating a fresh Masterpiece on the canvas of original footage.

4. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while doing your job?
Funniest moment: last year during the dinner, the glasses were being "clinked" and instead of the B and G kissing, the parents of the Bride were asked to kiss in front of 300 guests instead. I was rolling video in perfect position, and the Father of the Bride went to dip-kiss his wife and DROPPED her, with a thud, on the floor! They both landed spread-eagle on the ground and the whole room GASPED, then of course applauded when the embarrassed parents got up and kissed again!

5. How long have you been married & how did you meet?
Married 14 years this March. We met in Church. I was on my way in to visit Sarah's church, and I was praying a prayer to God on my way in the door. I said, "LORD, this is the kind of place I could meet myself a woman. Come on!" Well, the LORD answered that prayer about 8 seconds later, as when I walked in the front door, Sarah was the greeter and shook my hand! We ended up going out for a bite to eat after the service, and the rest is history...
We met (and married) 7 months to-the-day from the day we met!

6. Do you have any Fantastic Tips for people who are considering Videography at their event?
Fantastic Tips: hire a professional! don't let "Uncle Ned" video your wedding. Also, hire a pro who films and out-puts in HD on a stunning blu-ray disc! Good cinematographers understand so many technical and creative elements in wedding shooting, with experience as the best teacher, than any "uncle" or "friend" can offer. We understand good sound (wireless mic always placed on the groom for awesome vows and rings' sound) appropriate lighting technique, shot composition, candid style, being everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and now delivering a finished Movie in stunning High Def quality on a Blu-ray disc to enjoy for a lifetime.

7. What are your own personal hobbies/pastimes?
I love fishing, reading, movies (I watch movies from a cinematographer's perspective and they are all "training" for learning new techniques!), and hangin' out playing games with my wife and 3 young children. One thing that most people in the wedding industry don't know about me, is that I am also an ordained minister! I don't "marry people" but I do travel the world in missions and share the gospel to various folk. Last year alone I travelled to London, Belfast, Sydney and Melbourne on various trips, in-between filming about 62 weddings in both Minnesota (the summer) and Arizona (the winter)!!!

8. If you could do your job anywhere in the world, where would you be?
We love doing our job and fulfilling our dream of living in Minnesota for the gorgeous summers, and Arizona for the warm winters! We live a dual life by having homes in both States and shifting between them as the weddings are booked. The northwoods and lakes for most of the year and the desert for the other part. I am a 40 year-old Snowbird!

We hope you enjoyed learning about Carl and Princess Bride Cinematic Videography! Please stop by Thee Wedding Warehouse to meet and/or learn more about any of our fantastic wedding vendors. And visit our website at for more info as well.

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