Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photography from a recent brides Point of View

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by Christine Valenzuela - KISS THE CAMERA

Even though I've photographed and been a part of dozens and dozens of weddings, being the bride gave me a different perspective on wedding photography.

My tips:
1) It's very important to have a timeline for not only yourself but also all the other people involved (especially if you have a large family and/or bridal party). You want to avoid getting a ton of calls from your family and friends on your wedding day.

2) Use timelines as a guideline and don't be upset if you run a little behind. Unexpected things will happen and may cause your timing to be a bit off. Make sure to pad your timeline with extra time to ensure you have the ability to take the photos you'd like.

3) Enjoy the day and especially the photography session. This is the first thing you will do with your husband. Relax and just have fun with the photographer. It will show in the photos.

4) Choose a photographer not solely based on their work, but also their personality. You have to genuinely like the person to be able to invite them into very intimate moments between you and your new husband. It will be clear in the photos if you are faking your emotions or are holding back your true feelings.

Photography from a recent brides Point of View
by Christine Valenzuela - KISS THE CAMERA

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