Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Tips from Mrs. Hancock's


• Afford Children a quick list of whom they may expect to meet and how they’re related or why these new people are being included in your Holiday celebration…this will really help!
• Let’s remind our Children to be on their best behavior while a guest in someone else’s home and that speaking up and properly answering with a “Hello, my name is ____”, or “Merry Christmas” or “Thank you” when spoken to, is very important and is very caring behavior
• Let kids know that a ‘cheek pinch’, a ‘head rub’ or a big squeeze is a funny thing that can be a badge of honor with points assigned (count them up and after the celebration, give kudos and talk about how well they handled themselves!)
• Explain that a big part of the Holidays is seeing and spending time with people we like and love and that it’s neat it is to get to know our relatives and friends better. Make it a game among your kids to see who can talk with more people and what they found out about their hobbies, where they live, how many pets they have, etc.
• Teach and role play with youngsters how to properly shake hands with an adult or give a buss on the cheek.
• Use a simple phrase and practice! “My name is Jason, Cousin Bill; it’s nice to meet you!”
• Remind them that when they’re with other kids, they could find out their new friend’s or relatives name and how old they are; that the nice thing to do next is to make introductions to any new arrivals or, to you and Dad, so that you too may enjoy the pleasure of meeting someone new
• If there’s been a death or divorce since last year, remind Children that their favorite Aunt Ruth won’t be in attendance this year and why. This keeps them from either finding out ‘bad news’ in the moment or asking personal questions that may upset
• Teach Children that upon exiting the get together or leaving the table we always say “Thank you for inviting us, we had fun!” or “Dinner was delicious, thank you” or even “I hope to see you next year!”
Remember to remind your Children we don’t touch other’s things; put our feet on other’s furniture, argue with other Children or run in someone else’s home! Do also remind them how to interrupt properly when they need something from you. What else can you think to share to put your Children more at ease and afford them a sense of confidence (and you a sense of peace!), during Holiday get-togethers? Happy, Happy, Merry, Merry!

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