Friday, October 30, 2009

Looking for Officiant

Looking for Officiant???

It’s your wedding day... just as you always dreamed...

It used to be, in generations gone by, that everybody had a specific and local religious leader who would be called on to provide local wedding services, delivering a strict and traditional ceremony, written by them and used over and over again for everyone.

As non-denominational ministers, we have changed all that.

Here at Reverend Giovanni Weddings, you’ll find that those preconceptions are not true anymore. We want your wedding day to be the day you have always dreamed of for a price you can afford. We work with you and give you the freedom to express your own spirituality, your individual personality and your expression of love for each other in a ceremony made for you.
Call or email us today for a consultation! 623-910-6214

Reverend Giovanni and his staff will be at Thee Wedding Warehouse on Saturday, Oct. 30 from 9AM - 2PM. If you are still looking for officiant for you wedding, stop by.

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