Thursday, September 3, 2009

3 Honeymoon Planning Tips

3 Honeymoon Planning Tips

1. Use a Travel Agent Travel agents can have the inside scoop on unadvertised discounts, package deals, and a range of itinerary options. Agents are also one-stop shopping resources for air, car, and hotel reservations. They also offer peace of mind, adding immense security to your trip should your travel plans go awry.

2. Create a Money PlanKnow your bank's travel policies on withdrawls, credit card limits, and bank account balances. Also consider the mix of cash, travelers checks, and credit cards you're taking. If you're visiting a remote destination, pack extra cash and travelers checks. On the other hand, if ATMs will plentiful (often the case in popular tourist spots), take less cash to limit your liability, and withdraw money as needed. Just remember that there will be ATM conversion surcharges.

3. Pack Like a ProPack your valuables, a change of clothes, non-perishable snacks, and your minimum toiletry needs in your carry-on, just in case your luggage gets delayed or lost. Also leave a copy of your itinerary with at least one person at home, and consider emailing it to a handful of family and friends. Finally, bring along an extra empty bag so you can stock up on souvenirs and duty-free gifts.
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HoneymoonPlanr said...

#1 couldn't be more true! I can't tell you how many times I've been able to step in and "save the day" or make something happen for people that they thought wasnt possible!

Angela Schrenk
Honeymoon Specialist