Friday, July 31, 2009

Thee Bridal Biggest Loser

We are at it again! Back by popular demand.. Thee Wedding Warehouse is hosting Thee Bridal Biggest Loser. Contest starts Saturday August 1, 2009 at 9 AM. This time it’s a $20 buy in. First place winner gets 90% of the proceeds and bridal photo shoot by Rachel Priddy of Priddy Photo, and a complimentary bridal bouquet.. Second place gets 10% off proceeds and a $50 gift certificate to Thee Wedding Warehouse. Contest lasts for 12 weeks. Second chance start... anytime before August 8th, with a extra $5 penalty buy in. Call 623.536.0995 with any questions.

Before and after shot of Tara, contest winner. Tara lost almost 30 lbs and 16% of her total weight in twelve weeks.
Photo.. courtesy of Kym Ventola
Article from other contestant...

For the past year and a half I had been slowly putting on weight, they say falling in love makes you fat… well that was definitely the case for me. I had soared to become the heaviest ever and I now needed a change. I had recently become engaged when I heard about the contest out at Thee Wedding Warehouse, what better timing? I tried on dresses before I entered into the contest and was mortified. There was no way I was going to walk down the aisle feeling as bad as I did. I decided to enter this contest and to actually follow through with it.
In the past I would start fad diets and then that was it, I would be done, going back to my old ways of eating. Working out had never been a passion of mine and I would start to use excuses for why I had gained as much weight as I had… This is just the way my body is built… I have to learn to love myself the way I am… and my favorite, at least he loves me for me. Okay now let me just say that yes our bodies are built a certain way, and yes we need to love ourselves, and yes it is good that your partner loves you for you, but there is not excuse for being unhealthy. That was the great thing about Thee Wedding Warehouse; they brought in a personal trainer and gave us all the information on how to get our bodies healthy. They gave us the tools and then we were held accountable by weekly results. When the first weeks results came out I was amazed at exactly how well people were doing, I pushed myself harder. I lost 26lbs in 12 weeks, which is an average of 2.16lbs a week by eating more fruits and vegetables, eating protein bars if I was hungry throughout the day and then heating a healthy dinner. My way was to eat very few calories throughout the morning and afternoon and then eat a healthy 500-calorie dinner. I still ate a little pasta and started substituting white rice for brown and buying 45 calorie bread. I always made sure I ate something for breakfast and then ate small snacks throughout the day, like fruits or vegetables. I drink a ton of water and have cut out the soda. The weight just fell off. It is an amazing feeling. I used to always say that buying groceries was a lot more expensive than fast food, oh, how I was wrong. Not only did I lose the weight but I also saved money. After the 12 weeks I went and tried on dresses again. I had gone down 2 dress sizes! I am very excited for the next 12 weeks and look forward to having my dress altered further.
I owe a big thanks to Thee Wedding Warehouse for making me take a look at myself and for giving me the tools to accomplish my goals. In another 12 weeks I plan to be down 52lbs. I will then be ready for my dream wedding!

By: Amber Fullmer

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