Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't Believe Everything You Read on How to Save $$$
Recently we read on a national website (The Knot) that a good way to save money is to "send a trusted friend to the nearest market to buy your wedding flowers". Here is what I (Jacque) have to say about that... "Ya Right" Do you really want your "friend" to make your flower so that when you walk down the aisle your flowers are falling out of your bouquet? Or your boutonnieres are hanging off the lapels? Now if your "friend" is a florist that is a different story. And wait... isn't your trusted friend walking down the aisle with you? Really girls lets think about this... there is a reason there have florists for approx. 200 years. Being a floral designer is more than just throwing flowers together. It comes with years of experience that a good florist knows how to take your dreams and turn them into beautiful arrangement on the table and in your hands.
So here is my tip... talk to your florist, tell them what your budget is and let a professional help you. This is the biggest day of your life and do you really want a grocery store tag stuck on the bottom of your bouquet or centerpieces?
Lots of tips tomorrow.. come ask questions. Get Inspired.. Get Real Answers. For those of you DYI brides.. don't miss the 10 AM workshop.

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