Thursday, June 26, 2008

Recent Weddings

Congrats Krystal & Nicholas May 9th, 2008

These are some of the pictures taken by our boys at Fresh Look Images of a wedding we did together. Awesome, right? Ok yes, Jacque knows how huge the bride's bouquet was but GOD wasn't it beautiful?! Sometimes we just don't know when to stop - all the hydrangea, hyacinth, viburnum, and roses just worked. Sorry, Krystal, if it was too heavy....but beauty comes with a price. lol.

Please view the slide show Fresh Look made of the wedding... the pictures tell such a story....
Fresh Look has the perfect mix of photojournalism and portrait photography. They are also such fun to work with that it makes getting your picture taken and enjoyableexperience. If you are still looking for a photographer, and love to laugh, call our boys at (480) 838-4236.

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