Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shayla and Arie

There are a few weddings that even after 25 years of doing flowers that I say, "Oh my gosh!". This wedding was past Gila Bend on a dairy farm... yes a real dairy farm... and yes in the middle.... of an alfalfa field. My sinuses have not been the same since. We had the honor of doing the flowers and Freshlook Images Photography took the wonderful pictures. We love the way they mix photo journalism and posed photography to tell a story from beginning to end.

I wanted to share the slide show they made of it. Can you just say WOW!If you don't have a Photographer yet... call them at (480) 838-4236.

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Flower Allie said...

And the bride wore .....Boots! A girl after your own heart. Or is this just an Az thing? Love this wedding. The green spider mums, the petals down the aisle and the slide show music!! Al